Land Lady Gives Money to Tenants instead of Asking for Payment

Amid the scare of the pandemic disease, COVID-19 many netizens showed their true intentions. Hoarding lots of sanitary equipment such as alcohol, hand sanitizers, hand soap, and facemask. After hoarding such items they would sell it a lot of times expensive than its original price. Many netizens became selfish and only thinks for their own good.

But this is another story. A proud tenant shows off her good-hearted Landlady. Ryoko Montreal could hardly believe that amid the crisis she would not even have to think about her month's rent. This is especially helpful in times of low income and many ordinances prohibit people from leaving the house.

But what he didn't expect was that his landlady Nanay Preciosa was willing to give him money so they could buy food now that they were in the community quarantine. All of the tenants were alleged to have been fined by Nanay Preciosa. What a wonderful thing Nanay Preciosa has done! Many netizens bow down and praise her goodness.

 “Mabuting tao talaga ito si Nanay. God Bless sa kanya. Mabait din ang tenant na share niya ang kagandahang loob ni Nanay na magandang tularan ng iba. Sa gitna ng krisis may mga mumunting milagro talaga. Tuloy natin ang pag dasal mga kababayan.”- A random Citizen said.

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