John Lloyd Cruz And Ellen Adarna's Baby Is The Next Matinee Idol

After John Lloyd and Ellen Adarna disappeared in showbiz in 2017, there's a lot of humored issues that had been addressed. That both of them are in a relationship with each other and decide to temporarily leave showbiz to live in peace.

In a short period, after the said issue there's another story bloom that shocked everyone. Ellen Adarna was pregnant and Jhon Lloyd Cruz is the father. They became a parent of a handsome baby named Ellias.

A few months ago, there's a photo uploaded on social media showing how John Lloyd and Ellen Adarna are happily taking care of their son. Some of the netizens give their reaction in the said photo.

Ellias Modesto Cruz is called to be a new Matinee actor in the future generation. For the reason that he has adorable and handsome traits that he inherited from his parents, especially from his father.

Here are some Photos of Elias

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