Jay Sonza Gives His Statement About Ambush Incident that Happened To Kim Chiu

It s still fresh in our mind the incident happened to Kim Chiu. In a short period, it goes viral. We all know who Kim Chiu is, she is 29 years old, Chinese-Filipino and currently works at ABS-CBN as one of the actresses.

Recently, there's a journalist gives his opinion about what happened to Kim. Jay Sonza a 64 years old journalist said "Sa mga beterano at batikang journo, iyong 'kim ambush story' ay isang malaking 'DRAWING.'"

Jay Sonza is a broadcaster in Television also in radio, also a former worker at ABS-CBN and currently works at the GMA network.

Earlier he posted on his Facebook account saying  "Nasa stop light ng paulanan ng bala, tumagos, pero walang tinamaan kahit isa?
"Bakit tumagos ang bala from right to left window kung bullet proofed?
"Bakit sa tingin nyo ba tanga parin ang mga Pilipino?"

Base on the statement of Kim Chui, after the accident her mind didnt respond properly " nag hang ako' - she said. 
Contrary to what Kim says, Jay was posted again in his accounts  "Sa totoo lang napakaraming butas ang sanaysay ni Ms. Chiu.
"Let's just take it at face value. The incident is under investigation by the authorities.
"Kim is a product of bahay ni Kuya PBB Teen edition and one of the most bankable artists and a contract artist of the Kapamilya network.
"note: no offense meant, but I find the story incredible to believe."

He also said "Sa totoong ambush.
"Target on a black Hyundai Van.
"(by the way this vehicle cannot be armored because the engine displacement is too under power for the heavy load. 4 cylinder lang ang van. minimum engine for bulletproofing is 8 cylinder gasoline type).

"unang putok para driver to disable the vehicle. (shooters SOP)
"succeeding bullets are for the passengers in the 2nd & 3rd seats. (know where the target is usually seated. cannot afford to miss it. double tap execution-only)."

Jay Sonza also asked different questions...
"Anong type ng armored van iyon? Baka naka ' armor all' lang iyong dashboard at gulong para makintab at malinis.

"Armor-piercing bullets ba ang ginamit? Ano ang kulay ng tip? blue, green, red velocity markings?"
 Jay Sonza also compares to the script of FPJ Probinsyano...
"malamang writer ng abs-cbn FPJ: Ang Probinsyano ang nagsulat ng 'the unbelievable ambush of Kim Chiu.'

"walang kalatoy-latoy. walang spark.
"pati si Kim umiiyak ng walang luha tuloy."

There's a lot of reaction addressed by all the netizens to the said accident.

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