Ivana Alawi, May Sinabi tungkol kay Vico Sotto at mga taga-Pasig!

Victor María Regis "Vico" Nubla Sotto (born June 17, 1989) is a Filipino politician who is the current Mayor of Pasig, Philippines. Sotto first entered politics when he ran for a seat on the Pasig City Council in 2016. He won the election as an independent and served a term in the city council. He joined the Aksyon Demokratiko party and ran for Mayor of Pasig in 2019, taking up a platform of public consultation, data-driven governance, universal health care in Pasig, prioritizing housing programs, easier access to education, and cracking down on corruption. He won the 2019 election to earn a six-year mayoral term.

This past few days since the COVID-19 is considered as a pandemic Mayor Vico Sotto is one of the Mayors in the Philippines that fought hard. He is now one of the admirable Mayors in the Philippines and netizens are scrambling over him. Especially when Vico Sotto announced that he is still Single. Many popular artists are into Vico Sotto right now and even Ivana Alawi admires Vico Sotto. 

Ivana Alawi reply to the tweet of Mayor Vico Sotto. " SWERTE NG MGA TAGA PASIG SAIYO!!!! SANA ALL!". Some netizens get triggered by this and they considered Ivana Alawi as their nemesis for Mayor "viVico's" heart.

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