How to Get your P5,000 Finance Assistance from DOLE

Amid the virus outbreak, known as Covid-19 or Corona Virus. The government of the Philippines implemented a Community Quarantine. Afterward, due to the continuously increasing of new cases of infected persons, they came up with an idea to implement an enhanced Quarantine lockdown to all parts of Luzon. They assure that all of the processes are under the government. Under the Lockdown Quarantine, it limits the action of the citizens of the country to do or go outside. It is for the sake of the people. 

No one is allowed to go outside. Some business or company's is closed temporarily for the compliance to what the President's Order. All of a sudden, every family is worried about how they will support their financial needs. Knowing that even workers are not allowed to go to their respective works except those Front liners. The huge question of the is how will be the process of managing the needs if they don't have a source of money.

DOLE or Department of Labor and Employment answer all of their questions. Since they are the one who is in charge of this situation. According to DOLE, they are the ones who must decide to approve or not the Financial Assistance amounting to 5,000 pesos.

Based on the report of the Facebook page named Manager's Logbook. It shows the response of DOLE for all the humor questions from the netizens.  

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