How Much will it cost if You want this Face Mask of Heart Evangelista

A face mask is a must, nowadays. Since Corona Virus is spreading wearing face mask is a big help to escape to the virus and not be infected. Since there's a shortage in supply of masks. Any kind of mask will do.

Heart Evangelista, a GMA actress make a fashionable way to keep herself safe against Corona Virus. Together with her friend, stylist Katrina Cruz-Villanueva, both of them create a customize Facemask. Heart has two kinds of a styled mask.

a woman taking a selfie: Heart Evangelista fashionable face masks

In her Instagram, through her stories, she shares Heart show how she came up with the idea.

Heart Evangelista Fashionable Face Mask

Heart Evangelista Fashionable Face Masks

Heart Evangelista fashionable face mask

 "We are coming up with masks that are more pretty because life goes on and there are work and wala akong choice." Heart says.
"We are making ourselves fashionably safe.
"We are using all of our old ribbons to make this work. We're gonna make this happen."
Both of them used two kinds of masks: a fashionable face mask came from Japan called Pitta Mask and a common filter face mask.

Heart Evangelista Fashionable Face Mask

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