Hostage Taker Aired His Complaints for Being Fired By His Security Agency

Yesterday, a hostage situation happen at Virra Mall in Greenhills (San Juan) 12:30 PM on Monday, March 2, 2020. Alchie Paray is the one who hostage around 30 people at Greenhills, he also turns out to have been a licensed guard.

A 40-year-old Paray was fired from Safeguard Armor Security Corporation (SASCO) after being absent without leave for weeks. The hostages were freed by Monday evening and the hostage-taker arrested.

After his surrender, the 40-year-old suspect was allowed to address the media in a press conference-like set-up outside the mall. Paray, who was not bound by handcuffs, aired his gripes for being fired by his security agency before he was tackled and arrested by authorities.

Paray was arrested by police after a standoff that lasted more than 9 hours. He will face several criminal charges after he shot a coworker and held dozens hostage. 

Source: Facebook

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