Hoarder of Sanitary Equipment got Arrested after they Boast their Product to Facebook Live

Amid the scare of the pandemic disease (COVID-19), many citizens were troubled due to a deficiency of sanitary equipment. This is because lots of hoarders are scattered out there without thinking of their fellow citizens. One of the examples is this couple who hoard a lot of sanitary equipment and products.

They boast their sanitary equipment and products to a Facebook live and selling it on an overpriced value.  AFP tracked them down and caught them off guard. We all know that Pres. Duterte announced that if they caught a hoarder and overprice seller they would arrest them and bring them to jail. This is the best example of it.

This is a warning from the Government for all the hoarders and overpriced sellers out there. Pres. Duterte's statement is not a joke and he will surely arrest every hoarder that they will saw.

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