Highlights ng mga sinabi ni President Duterte, Viral ngayon sa Social Media

Corona Virus is spreading widely in the Philippines. A few days ago there's a lot of news about the cases of the virus in the country. It increases as the day passed. Many citizens get panic the time that the news publicly announced. Knowing that the virus is transmitted to a person to person contact. 

Recently, President Rodrigo Duterte does a live stream to give awareness to Covid-19. Saying that we should listen to all medical experts because they know the best to fight the virus. Proper sanitation is a big help. Corona Virus considered as 'Pandemic' for the reason that it infects a lot of humans around different places in the world.

Some of the words that the president says get viral on social media. He pointed out the Corona Virus. Giving his opinion and such. Lots of netizens laughed for what the president says. You can see that even there's a huge problem we are facing, we shouldn't Forget to smile to lessen the stress.

 -“Alam niyo bumili nalang kayo ng madaming cellphone para magpindot pindot nalang kayo”

-"Kung di ka mag-study at cellphone ka lang. Ang ga-graduate Yung cellphone mo."

- “Pwede kayong magbakasyon dyan lang sa bahay, Ikot ikot muna kayo sa bahay nyo baka may hindi pa kayo napupuntahan"

- "Mukha na kayong tiktok mga P*tang*na, sige wag nyo 'yan tigilan at ikukulong ko kayo. "

- "P*tang*nang virus 'yan, san ba nanggaling yan?"

- "P*tang*nang virus 'yan 'di naman inaano."

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