Health Workers Had to Wear All These to Avoid Being infected by Covid-19

Corona Virus is considered as Pandemic. Since these past few days, it infects lots of countries all over the world. In a short period, thousands of people have been infected. Knowing that it has been transmitted through the droplets from the infected person.

In the fight against the coronavirus, healthcare workers play a critical role. They are among the most at risk of contracting the virus, but many say they lack protective gear and protocols to keep themselves and their patients safe.

Recently, this Facebook page posted a video of one healthcare worker who is trying to wear his protective gear before going to his patient. 

We can see in the video, the different sets of protective gear he needs to wear. Two layers of a white coat, two layers of gloves, with facemask and many more. It seems uncomfortable but they try to endure it to do their job.

Source: Facebook

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