Grocery Employees Had to Work Overtime After People Didn't Have the Money to Buy These Things

Amid the scare of COVID-19, many cities, and provinces announced that all the classes and offices are canceled. Many netizens took this chance for them to buy some food and sanitation products. Netizens rushed to their nearest Grocery stores and got panic buying. It is for them to have a safe self-quarantine.

In this case, A post on social media went viral because some netizens are rushed in the Grocery store to buy some goods but forgotten about their money at home. Grocery personals are dismayed by this act because while they are busy at their work people come to their store panicking and getting some stuff into the shelves. While they are busy stacking some newly delivered goods, people are destroying it. 

When the netizens are done they go to the cashier and place their payment without thinking that they forgot about their money. This is where some grocery personals got mad. Placing again the goods that they recently placed because of the Netizens who forgot their money at home.

Watch the Video Below: 

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