Greenhills Hostage Taker's Newborn Baby Passed Away

A hostage situation happened at Virra Mall in Greenhills (San Juan) 12:30 PM on Monday, March 2, 2020. Alchie Paray is the one who hostage around 30 people at Greenhills, he also turns out to have been a licensed guard.

After his surrender, the 40-year-old suspect was allowed to address the media in a press conference-like set-up outside the mall. Paray, who was not bound by handcuffs, aired his gripes for being fired by his security agency before he was tackled and arrested by authorities.

Everyone gave sympathy to him as he really doesn't mean to hurt anyone. But now, another tragedy occurred in his life after his newborn baby passed away just this morning, Friday, March 6,2020.

Authorities have given him some time to mourn and escorted him to the wake of his baby to give him the opportunity for the last time. Many netizens were shocked after this occurrence and maybe more have understood what he was fighting for throughout his battle.

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