Grab Food Driver's Heartbreaking Photos Eating the Canceled Order of His Customer

After Corona Virus considered a pandemic, our President lockdown the whole city of Luzon to prevent spreading the so-called virus. But still many of us want to eat at our favorite restaurant and many of us order online and food rider deliveries are the ones who always come to the rescue. One of them is the riders of GrabFood. 

According to GrabFood, they are a food delivery service that connects local food businesses to people. While many of them sacrifice their health to satisfy their customer, there still a person who want to prank them.

Just like what happened to this GrabFood delivery man. The photo was posted by a Facebook page named The Jack Logan Show, we can see in the picture that the poor man is eating while crying sitting at the side of the road. It's supposed to be delivered to his customer. 

The photos are circulating now on social media leading netizens to take pity on him and get furious to the person who did this to him, we still didn't know who is it but still, he/she has no conscience. 

Source: Facebook

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