Gov. Jonvic Remulla and Ramil Hernandez Exchanged Open Letter Viral Now on Social Media

The pandemic virus ( Covid-19) that has been affect all the countries and continuously increasing as of now. It gives stress for all people that have a panicked attack for what would happen next. Since it can transmit from one to another within seconds of exposure from an infected person or places.

The government implemented an enhanced quarantine lockdown due to the high count of infected and having a huge chance to affect many people if we do an action as soon as possible. It is advice to stay at home as long as the virus is spreading and doesn't have a medicine. Due to Lockdown, there's no allowed person to go outside or beyond the boundaries. But despite the stressful happenings, we need some good vibes.

Kiean Paolo Reyes posted on social media about the debate of two government officials. Gob. Remulla confronts Gov. Hernandez about not allowing him to go through the checkpoint his Chief of Police officer. Both of them claimed that they're just kidding. The post was to gain lots of reaction from all netizens. 

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