Good Samaritan Who Started a Fund-raise for Mommies without Budget for their Babies Milk

Amid the scare of the pandemic disease, COVID-19 many netizens showed their true intentions. Hoarding lots of sanitary equipment such as alcohol, hand sanitizers, hand soap, and facemask. After hoarding such items they would sell it a lot of times expensive than its original price. Many netizens became selfish and only thinks for their own good.

Usually, a screenshot conversation is about a person who is being cheated by someone, being bewildered by someone, or being a victim of overpriced resellers and hoarders. But this is another side of the story. Faith Stellar, a good samaritan in Quezon City is doing her best to help others by giving some powdered milk to some mothers out there that have no budget on her baby's milk.

But what would happen if this good samaritan met a mother who had no budget on her baby's milk but so picky? That's where this conversation started. One day Stellar is finding some sponsors for her to continue her goodwill. She usually accepting even a peso coin to help her on buying some milk for the unfortunate1 one's. Then Mica De Jesus chatted her and asked for helped to deliver milk for her baby but not only that Mica (Mommy) also wanted Faith (Good Samaritan) to pay the delivery expenses once Faith (Good Samaritan) decided to give her some milk.

That is when the commotion started on their conversation. It is because Mica (Moomy) wanted an s26 milk for her baby but Faith doesn't have enough budget for that kind of expensive milk. We all know that s26 milk is so expensive especially to a starter of helping others.

In this case, we can tell that parents could do anything for their kids and also even a parent could act like a kid if they are not be given by the things that they wanted.

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