Gay Gets Married to Her Lesbian Girlfriend; Their Outfits Earned a Praise

Marriage is a legal union of two lovers to be allowed by law to unite the couple as one and live in one roof. Most of the couples prepare so much, for that event because finally they can call or say " YOU ARE FINALLY MINE". All of us know that when it comes to marriage it is for Man and Women who are deeply devoted to each other.

But in this case, it is different from the tradition we know persons who belong to the LGBTQ Community get married. A gay and lesbian in their marriage gets viral on social media. Many people give their praise for what they've done. Their union was addressed by may person because both of them wear formal and proper dresses.  

Jan Vincent "Nicole" Cutarra wears a black suit while his wife, lesbian Mary Jane ''MJ" Degamo walked down the aisle with a white beautiful wedding gown. They prove that love conquers all, whatever it is, no matter what happens.

The couple was formally united last March 7, 2020, at Missionaries of the Sacred Heart Phils. In Lapu-Lapu, Cebu. Many netizens show their respect as the couple gives respect to the rules of the church.

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