Furious ‘Tanod’ Smack Wife with Glass Bottle After Getting Only 1 Relief Goods

Love is a set of complex emotions and a strong feeling of affection to someone. If you love a person you will do everything to make her happy. Others said it makes you crazy, stupid and love endlessly. Thinking that forever exists. It feels like you are connected to each other. Committed and contented felt like he/ she is the one. But there's a negative side when you found out that the one you love the most is also the one who hurt and gives you pain not just emotional but physical.

Recently, there is a post on social media that went viral because of a man known as one of the Barangay tanods in their place is hurting his wife. It seems like the Barangay tanod was out of his mind there is no news about him doing drugs but it seems like into one. The video was captioned "Mister na tanod galit na galit sa kanyang asawa dahil isang supot na relief goods Lang daw ang kinuha! Dapat tatlo daw kasi tanod siya ni kapitan!". 

The Barangay tanod was hitting his wife a bottle in the head and he even choked his wife into the ground. The Barangay tanod was angry because his wife gets only one relief goods even though he is a barangay tanod. He also said that her wife should get three because she is one of the frontlines.

Watch the video below:

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