Furious Netizen was not Satisfied by Bella Padilla's 3 Million Fund Drive

Bella Padilla started an online fund drive. Bella's goal is to reach the 1 Million mark but even Bella could not believe what happened on the continuing day of her online fundraising. The first day she already received a 1 Million peso from an anonymous. On the second day, 2 Million pesos are added. Lastly, she surpasses her online fund drive target and reaches 3.3 Million pesos.

Early that morning Bella Padilla started giving foods to the informal workers with the help of the Philippine Army. The first three batches of food care packages Bella Padilla is sending to street vendors, who she said is among the hardest-hit financially by the imposed lockdown due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, are released.

Sadly, a netizen was not satisfied with Bella Padilla's actions and questioned her this " Ano kaya nangyare sa 3Million Donation?". Bella Padilla answered back " Everything was already donated and distributed. Please check my highlights for reference". Luckily, Bella's supporters were active at that time and rescued her. Bella's supporters called the netizen a rude.

It seems that the netizen was not satisfied with Bella's answer so the netizen asked again "3 Million na Yun? Hahahaha". Bella Padilla answered her with full confidence. " Yup, Last donations went out the last Friday (March 27, 2020)".

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