Full Video: Quezon City went Out of Control as Citizens Suffers from Hunger amid Community Quarantine

Amid quarantine, people in the Philippines are frustrated, worried that the government has reacted too slowly to a pandemic. It's been more than two weeks after our president announced that he needed to quarantine the whole Luzon to stop spreading the virus called COVID-19.

After the quarantine, many people lost their job and they only rely on our government after they promise to help us. Some of us received that help through relief goods from our municipality but most of us still have not received any yet.

Just like these residents from Sitio San Roque, Brgy. Bagong Pag-asa at Quezon City. The residents try to place a barricade at Edsa this Wednesday so that the government helps them with their foods.

Due to the stubbornness of the residents, the police force to demolish their barricade and some of them are being arrested. 

Source: Facebook

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