Filipinos' Newest Trend: "Online Rambulan" During Community Quarantine

The Philippines that has an 800+ infected was also under in lockdown quarantine. The government begging its citizens to cooperate for the reason that the country lacks a Medical Assistance. Also, it is advised that no one should go outside of their house for the sake of their health. Government and Company employees are requested to stop temporarily their works. The government and other people give help to others to provide their needs. Knowing that the Lockdown will be implemented for a month.

Filipino's founded their happiness on a group on Facebook that is built because of the Quarantine. The page is named "Online Rambulan". It is where people could challenge each other to start a fight online. The group now consists of 900,000+ members.

The group is still gaining lots of members day by day.  You can tell that many Filipinos are now hooked to this kind of thing because it is considered as their leisure during this enhanced community quarantine. Even the Frontliners are hooked to this stuff and considered it as their past time when they are taking a break. Here are some sample comments in the online rambulan group.

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