Fans made a Face-Off with These Two Gorgeous Politicians from Philippines

Being a Politician is a big burden of responsibility which is why only the brave and capable ones decide to try their luck in a position and let the majority decide whether they are worthy of the position or not. Two beautiful politicians are going viral on Social Media. There beauty and brains are being compared to each other.

Congresswoman Bai Rihan Mangudadatu Sakaluran. Not only does she have a pretty face but also has a heart of gold. Her advocacy as a Congresswoman includes prioritizing the elderly people and children as she feels most connected to them.

 Mayor Donya Tesoro (born April 5, 1991) is a politician from San Manuel, Tarlac, Philippines. The lady became a mayor at a young age of only 28. Other than a mayor she is also very popular on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook where thousands of people follow her.

These two beautiful young yet talented ladies are the new trends on Social Media. At a very young age, they are already one of the most active politicians in the Philippines. Unfortunately, Congresswoman Rihan Mangudadatu is legally in a relationship, and Mayor Donya Tesoro is allegedly single but she is focused on her duty to the public.

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