Ethel Hits Mocha Uson Hard for Criticizing Mayor Vico Sotto

With her hard-hitting humor, Ethel Booba called Mocha Uson "Pabobo". A Netizen shared a post from the official page of Mocha Uson named MOCHA USON BLOG. Inside the post of Mocha Uson Blog, Mayor Vico Sotto is being bashed by her.  Mocha Uson called Mayor Vico Sotto "Pabebe" because Mayor Sotto is suggesting that Tricycles should not be banned because a lot of citizens in Pasig City doesn't have a private vehicle.

“Eto yung sinasabi ko eh. Kaya ng ibang lugar bakit eto si Mayor Sotto pabebe? Bukas paguusapan natin ito. Papaliwanag ko kung bakit sablay ang pabebe ni Sotto. Pero ang appeal ko sa DILG bakit parang kayo pa ang nakikiusap sa Mayor? Apply the LAW and be strict parang walang PANDEMIC ah.” based on the post.

Ethel Booba immediately defends the Pasig City Mayor and said that Mocha Uson is the one who should practice Social Distancing. She also suggested a lots of stuffs like, "Put plastic cover between side car and motorcycle. "Make sure na may suot na mask ang pasahero at driver. "Dapat one passenger allow lang sa side car at bawal ang pasahero sa likod ng driver. "Pwede pa din naman ang social distancing sa tricycle. Charot!"

Without being said we know that the Pasig City Mayor did a lot of stuff to help his citizens during this pandemic disease (COVID-19). Even though he is a newbie on being a Mayor, he properly manages to prove himself to the public.

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