Doctors From MMC Shows the Attitude of Koko Pimentel When Asked to Leave the Hospital Premises

Pimentel found out that he tested positive for the highly-contagious disease while inside the hospital on Wednesday. He has since been criticized both by the medical community and regular citizens who have been in home quarantine to prevent the spread of the new virus.

 The Makati Medical Center released a strongly-worded statement condemning Pimentel for exposing both patients and the hospital's medical workers to the virus. Under the Department of Health protocol, the senator should have gone on a 14-day self-quarantine from March 14 to March 28 as he was already considered a person under investigation (PUI).

Andrew Neil Retuya posted Screenshots of conversations he had. He revealed the special treatment that Koko Pimentel wanted for him and his family. Without thinking of the other Filipino Citizens Pimentel only thinks for himself.  A politician that only thinks for his greater-good.

"Koko Pimentel insisted to stay in Makati Medical Center and stayed in the OB area for more half a day. He knew he was infected with the COVID-19 the day before he went to Makati Medical Center. The Medical Director asked Pimentel to leave the hospital premises immediately several times but he refused and even called Duque to ask Duque to intervene for him to be allowed in the hospital Premises and be given a room. His wife was also found to be infected with COVID-19. The hospital rejected Pimentel's request for her to undergo CS because she is COVID-19 positive and it's elective surgery. If the Pimentel's continue to lie about what truly happens, Makati Med will release the CCTV footage of the Pimentels in Makati Med." one of the MMC doctors said.

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