Daniel Padilla Spotted Being Overprotective to his Younger Sister Magui

It is normal for each family to take care of or protect each other. Also supporting each other in everything you want to do is their way to show love. Being protective is one of the attitudes shows by any brother to his sisters that inherited their father.

Recently, there's a viral video in social media that an ABS-CBN actor Daniel Padilla shows the protective side of him during the debut of his sister, Magui Ford Plans. Her birthday celebration becomes more special when a newcomer musicians Justin Vasquez, serenade her in front of her family and friends.

While his sister was very glad watching the overall performance, Her Kuya did not appear too pleased over her reaction. Daniel was stood at her side all the time as she talked and exchange from one to many hugs with Justine.

A video uploader that is the admin of a Fan page of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo spilled a joke " Yung sinopresa ka ni crush tas nalaman ng Kuya mo".

When that video gets viral there's a lot of reactions addressed by their fans. They laughed at the video and say that they also do the same thing that Daniel acts. On the other hand, some of them are on the side of Maugi saying she just feels excited about what is happening and enjoying the night and finally meets her favorite Youtuber.

One of the fans commented " Huy! Grabe yung titig ng Kuya Daniel. Kalma, Daniel. Favorite youtuber lang yan ni Maugi.

Other say " Oh so cute protective kuya.. action speaks louder than words... lucky Maugi"

Heres a clip showing how protective Kuya, Daniel is.

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