Dancing Vico Sotto Now Viral on Social Media!

Vico Sotto a 30 years old Filipino Politician. Son of Vic Sotto and Coney Reyes. He is the current Mayor of Pasig City. Sotto first entered politics when he ran for a seat on the Pasig City Council in 2016.  He is part of the Aksyon Demokratiko party in 2019 and won the election for Mayor of Pasig City, Philippines.

Vico won the election as an independent and served one term in the council. Nowadays his name was becoming too popular because of his being a responsible leader to his subordinates. Many people are idolized him because of being independent to do his job well done. You will see Vico show his eagerness to help each of the citizens of Pasig. The courage to do an action to secure all the people under him. 

Recently, there's a post on social media that Mayor Vico was dancing and that video went viral. It gets many reactions from the viewers. It seemed like Mayor Vico was enjoying the moment that he is Dancing freely.  

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