Covid-19 Patient Shows How it Feels Like to be infected of Coronavirus

Corona Virus is considered as Pandemic. Since these past few days, it infects lots of countries all over the world. In a short period, thousands of people have been infected. Knowing that it has been transmitted through the droplets from the infected person.

Recently, Each government of the countries implemented a Lockdown for all the people to be secured against the Virus. Social Distancing is suggested. Also going outside without acceptable reason is prohibited. Proper Sanitation is required.

Everyone is asking what will happen if a person is infected. Medical experts say that a person who is infected may experience a shortage of breath and pain within their chest. You are shivering as well as having a fever. 

Recently, there's a post of a woman sharing her experience after she admitted by having coronavirus. As you played the video, it seemed like a woman is having a shortage of breath and coughing difficulty. She's trying to give a warning for all the people out there to follow the rules and protect yourself. 

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