Could it be that Wuhan Virus is a Man Made Virus?

Amid the scare of the pandemic disease (COVID-19), many health workers are being deployed around the country. Day by day there are increasing numbers of positive patients and all the health workers do their best that they can to find the cure to this pandemic.

The virus outbreak emerged in Wuhan, China, and multiple states and counties have made emergency declarations. Now another viral video that has leaked from a Chinese Hospital shows that a doctor blaming someone through the phone that he caused the outbreak.

Leaked videos from china reveal a city in desperation. Videos posted by residents within china during the current outbreak reveal Wuhan overwhelmed by coronaviruses. The workers from a hospital are under extreme stress, staffs are working 2 shifts, 3 shifts, 24 hours non-stop. The Central director has almost no rest and his two eyes were bloodshot and he could barely talk. They haven't been home for 3 days knowing where this virus came from.

Health workers asked themselves: Did the virus really came from bats or it is a man-made virus?

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