CongTV Gets Furious After Girlfriend "Viy" insisted to Wear Revealing Clothes

Revealing clothes become provocative because of the people around us who can't be controlled. This problem is one of the reasons why some woman doesn't want to wear revealing clothes anymore. 

It makes them uncomfortable because of the way of how other people look at them, mostly because their boyfriend doesn't allow them. But many couples don't argue about this issue anymore, because most of the women know that their boyfriend just trying to protect them, just like what happen to Cong TV and Viy Cortez.

Lincon Velazquez, also known as Cong TV and Viy Cortez is one of the most famous Youtuber couples here in the Philippines. Recently, Viy posted another video on her Youtube account of how she prank Cong for wearing revealing clothes.

We can see in the video how Viy showed what she wearing and Cong didn't accept it, he told her that she needs to change it. Many of their fans find Cong was so sweet 

Source: Youtube 

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