Concerned Citizen Creates a Facebook Group to Help All The Riders that Experienced Prank Orders

After Corona Virus considered a pandemic, our President lockdown the whole city of Luzon to prevent spreading the so-called virus. But still many of us want to eat at our favorite restaurant and many of us order online and food rider deliveries are the ones who always come to the rescue. One of them is the riders of GrabFood. According to GrabFood, they are a food delivery service that connects local food businesses to people. While many of them sacrifice their health to satisfy their customer, there still a person who want to prank them.

With this situation, a concerned citizen built a Facebook group where all the Grab, Lalamove, Angkas food, and food panda riders that have been experienced a canceled or prank orders would go in that group. The group is consists of customers that are waiting for the riders to post some canceled food and the group members of the Facebook group would willingly buy that food for the rider. Of course, is it is just near where they lived.

This is such a big help for the riders that are being pranked or had a canceled order. It is for them not to waste their investment. This Facebook group was built to stop all the inconsiderate pranksters to fooling all the riders. "Pranking the riders is considered as fraud. If you don't want to get in jail you should stop pranking them. The riders also have a noble job and a family to feed so you should stop whatever you're doing" - this is a message from us.

If you want to join the Facebook group just click here and here. Both of them are Order Hero groups. Different owners but both have the same goal. It is to stop the fraud!

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