Australia is Now Miraculously Healing Without Us Noticing

Australia is one of the countries that suffered in late 2019. Bushfire rapidly spread across all states to become some of the most devastating on record. There are thousands of people who were forced to evacuate and sought shelter on beaches across New South Wales and Victoria. Since then, more than 17 million acres of land have burned, 26 human lives have been lost, and about 2,000 homes have been destroyed. 

Among the scare of bad things that are happening right now. We are focused on the bad news and forget about the good happenings right now. Australia is healing again! It is going back to its old self. Surely, this an enlightening news rather than some crumbly news that we are focused on right now. 

Photos of Australia turning back to its old self are now viral on Social Media. A photographer who had an act of courage flew to Australia to check on what is happening to the Country. These are some photos taken by that photographer. 

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