Anne Curtis' Last Photo Shoot Before She Gave Birth

Having a baby is so important in the life of two lovers. It fulfills the daily life of both people who deeply in love with each other. Also, it makes their life more colorful. And being a parent can challenge you most. Baby is one of the sources of your strength. 

Months ago, The happily married couple Erwan Heusaff and Anne Curtis, announced that Anne is pregnant. We all know that being pregnant is an achievement of every girl it's the time that she will turn as a mother.

They share a video showing how glad they are in welcoming the Fruit of their love. Erwan Post on his Instagram with the caption of 5/9. Anne was confirmed that she is pregnant with the help of noontime show in ABS-CBN, Showtime.

Upon announcing, her co-worker in Showtime congratulated and pray for their health. " Here's a toast to the beautiful mother and handsome hubby. May they blessed with the cute baby like no other, Congratulations to you both" they said.

Here are the photos and clips of the prenup baby shoot.


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