Anne Curtis-Heussaff Opens Her Tiktok Account and Now Going Viral Online!

It is good to explore things that make you entertain for a while. Lessen your stress is good for your health. Have some fun is a good escape for today's happening. There is a well-known application that gave you a recreation. 

Tiktok application is created for making a short video of yours. It contains music that you can use for doing a lip-sync and short dance. This app is the best way to show off your talents. Also, it has trending music for you to get along.

The creator of Tiktok said that their mission is to capture the present, world's creativity and precious moments A lot of people are using this app even celebrities. Knowing that there are many choices to do in using the app.

Recently, Anne Curtis Heusaff posted in her social media account that she's now using the Tiktok app. Within a short period, she gets a lot of followers. Other is cant wait to see her future video in the said app. 

'Sooooo I gave in...' - Anne said.

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