A Warning From A Filipino Netizen Who Resides in China

Corona Virus is considered a ' Pandemic' since there's a lot of places around the world that are infected and suffered spreading of the virus. A lot of people are panicked about the said virus. According to Medical Experts, Corona Virus is immediately transmitted through person to person by the droplets of the infected one.  Proper Sanitation and social distancing is a must.

Corona Virus-infected thousands and could easily affect millions of people around the world.  The big question s what will happen to a person who is infected by this virus. Some researchers said that the virus living in the surfaces, and f you touched the contaminated surface then you touch your mouth, you will be infected.

A video went viral on social media in which it has given the Filipino people a clear reminder of the country's current situation. DJ Loonyo, a Filipino worker from China, shared his experience of how they are slowly overcoming the spread of the pandemic disease (COVID-19) in Wuhan, China.

Loonyo warned his fellow Filipino that if they continue disobeying the government's order about the enhanced community quarantine it could make the whole region to be the next Wuhan.

He also said that China is slowly recovering from this pandemic because they obey the rules that the Chinese government applied.

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