A Random Netizen Stabbed An Elderly Using Her Knees

Good Manners and Right Conduct should always put in our minds. Being polite gives you perks to capture the heart of any person. We should always think that we must Respect others for us to gain respect. Having a Good  Etiquette makes you to know how to act and to think properly with kindness.

There's a post in a social media that there's a girl who's stabbing an old woman by her knees. You will see in the video that an old woman was walking two steps ahead of her. 
While an old woman was walking, a girl who has a white uniform overtake an old woman. Upon walking in a few minutes you will not see any suspicious action from her.

Meanwhile, the girl starts to push an old woman to the right side. After that, she starts also to kick the elderly woman by her knees and result in an old woman being outbalanced.

Up until now, No one knows who the girl is. But here's are some photos of the said girl.

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