A Book 20 Years Ago Predicted the Worldwide Spread of Coronavirus' [Covid-19]

Corona Virus makes people panic nowadays. This virus is considered a pandemic. Knowing that it can be transmitted through a too near connection to the infected one. COVID -19 is a threaten for everyone since there's no medicine to kill the virus. A lot of people thinking were that the virus literally came from. 

Kim Kardashian posted a photo of a 2008 book saying that Corona Virus is foretold 12 years ago. The 2008 book End Of Days, written by the late Sylvia Brown. She is the author who claimed to be psychic, reads that there's a 'severe pneumonia-like illness' that would occur globally in 2020.

Book predicts coronavirus 12 years before outbreak

According to Daily Mail, Sylvia Brown is well known and writes over 40 books. But nearly infamous because of misleading information she shared. Daily Mail also said that she probably connect her insight on SARS which occur before she writes the book in 2008.

However, the word she mentions 'severe pneumonia-like illness' is occurring today as Corona Virus. Those are the effect of the Virus in our body. Recently, the majority of medical experts raise awareness all of too take care and do proper sanitation to keep our self safe.

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