Wife Caught Husband Hiring Someone to Do a One Night Stand in Exchange for an iPhone

Why do people feel the need to ruin other people's relationships? For some reason, people go out of their way to see the relationship crumble. If two people are happy together there will always be a person who will try to ruin it without any reason.

Just like this post from the Facebook account of Patricia Saenz-Ong Abanco, it's all about a girl named Clarissa Tecson who tried to offer her friend to his guy friend the husband of Patricia in exchange for an iPhone. We can see on their conversation below how she offers a girl and asking when they meet, at first, she sends a picture of her to seduce the man, while the man keeps saying to send a picture of her friend's private part of the body.

While the conversation is ongoing, little did they know that the wife of this man was using his Messenger and reading their conversation. When Patricia interrupts their conversation, she just said to Clarissa that she knows that her husband is already had a family.

The post is now circulating on social media and many netizens get furious about it. Clarissa is nowhere to be found she also deactivated her Facebook account.

Source: Facebook

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