WATCH: 63 Years of Marriage, Still Showing Love And Affection To Each Other!

Tatay Andy (Eighty-four-year old) and Nanay Bebs (Eighty-three-year old) are 63 years married, but their love for each doesn't fail.

Base on their son Ferdinand, Tatay Andy received a token or gift from the dialysis center where they went. As Tatay Andy goes home with Ferdinand, Tatay Andy never forgotten about Valentine's Day and Surprises Nanay Bebs with the Gift that he received from the center. Tatay Andy's sweet gesture put Nanay Bebs into Tears.

Tatay Andy is such a sweet husband. He never forgets to give Nanay Bebs a Present every Valentine's Day.

In the video, Nanay Bebs could be seen as extremely surprised and flustered when Tatay Andy showed up with the gift. She was even seen wiping tears off her face.

Watch the Video Below :

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