This Cactus Leather Invented By Two Entrepreneurs Can Save Billion Of Animals

Every year, the global leather industry slaughters more than a billion animals and tans their skins and hides. Many of these animals endure all the horrors of factory farming, including extreme crowding and confinement, deprivation, and unanesthetized castration, branding, and tail-docking, as well as cruel treatment during transport and slaughter.

Compassion is the main reason that the vegan market is thriving, and continues to grow, from food, all the way to the manufacturing of multiple products. There are hundreds of examples to choose from, and one of the latest comes from to these two entrepreneurs, Adrian Lopez Velarde and Marte Cazarez.

After finishing university, they found themselves growing more and more concerned about the environment and the treatment of animals, and as a result decided to come together, after years of friendship, to create a cruelty-free alternative to animal leather.

The company’s called Adriano Di Marti and they’ve formulated a new technique to create a fabric using cactus leaves called "Desserto". Cactus, known for its rugged nature is quite hard and thick and pointy, however, when fully processed, it not only feels like actual leather but since it is made from cactus -- a plant that can grow in the desert with minimum moisture -- it doesn’t consume as much water.

he product is a great replacement for both animal and synthetic leather. It’s breathable and durable, the touch and feels is very similar to leather, and again, it’s a completely sustainable material. It’s also less water-intensive, free from phthalates, free from toxic chemicals as well as PVC-free.

Source: Collective Evolution

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