Student Who Rents a Gown for 30php Became the Designers Official Model

JS Prom is also known as Junior and Senior Promenade is the most splendid moment for high school students to dress up formally, be with their friends and seize the very special time in their high school years. High school life wouldn't be complete and more exciting without JS Prom. But what would you do if you don't have enough money to rent your gown and attend the most splendid moment of your High School Life.

A post of Rica Cariño Lopez on Social Media went viral after he posted a student who wants to rent one of his gowns but the student only had 30 Pesos in her pocket. The Shop owner pities the student and lets the student wear one of his new Collection. Now the student is the very first person who will wear Ricahson Gown and suit collection.

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