Netizens Reaction on Cayetano's Statement about the Franchise of ABS-CBN

These past few days we all know that the Government is taking action on the issue of the Franchise of ABS-CBN. It is mistakenly said that it would expire this coming March 2020. The truth is their franchise will expire 2 years from now.

As, House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano said "If press freedom is automatic, then there should be no more hearings in Congress (on the ABS-CBN franchise). We will just have to grant it automatically. But no, Congress has to legislate it,".  Cayetano also said he understood the concerns of those fighting for the freedom of the press, he maintained that this was "not an open-close case of press freedom." 

He also said that even the franchise of the said network would expire, the network has a right to continue airing their shows and programs.  Netizens are not fond of being bias by the decision of the government on the franchise of the ABS-CBN Network.

Here are some Reactions from Netizens who react from what House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano is saying about the Franchise of ABS-CBN.

Netizen's reactions are a bit shocking because they really wanted the network's franchise to be terminated. 

 They also calling ABS-CBN a Bias network or ABiaS-CBN because of what they are reporting about the governance of the former President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III. This issue surely is a half-half opinion by the public. Some wanted them terminated and some are fighting for their renewal of Franchise.

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