Video: Man Breaks Down & Cries As Nurse Wife Boards a Bus to Help and Fight the Wuhan Virus!

In times of need, you can see humanity coming together to help others. Now that there’s the Wuhan virus in China, the selflessness and strength of medical professionals can clearly be seen as many of them are sacrificing their Chinese New Year holidays to help the sick in the country.

On January 26, Henan's first medical team set out to support Wuhan. A man was crying and crying under the vehicle of Huaihe Hospital of Henan University: Wang Yuehua, I love you! The man said that his wife secretly signed up to support Wuhan in his thirties, and on the evening of January 25, he notified the temporary establishment of a team. At this time, he knew that he did not dare to tell the elderly and children.

Source: Pear Video

A recent video shared by Pear Video shows a man crying emotionally as he waves off a bus in the early morning of January 26th, which also coincides with the second day of Chinese New Year. Apparently, the bus was carrying a team of medical staff from the Huaihe Hospital of Henan University to Wuhan to help out.
The man, dressed in black can be heard shouting, “Wang Yuehua, I love you. I love you!” as the bus drives off before he breaks down in tears. Other people who were there consoled him as they sent off the bus and many of them were teary-eyed as well when they saw the man crying.
Watch the Video Below: 

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