Jon Gutierrez and Jelai Andres Dated Each Other Last Valentine's Day

Jon Gutierrez and Jelai Andres (JoLai) went viral on social media. Jon also known as King Badger dated Jelai Andres last Valentine's Day.

We all know that Jon (King Badger) and Jelai Andres has been involved in a controversial divorce due to a Third-party last March 2019. Since then, Jelai and Jon hadn't seen to be in each other's company.

Jelai Andres has 2.46 million subscribers on YouTube, 2.2 million followers sa Facebook, and, 600,0000 followers on Twitter.

Jon Gutierrez or King Badger is still a member of a hip-hop group Ex-Batallion. He has 1.9M subscribers on YouTube and, 1.69M followers on Facebook.

Jelai Andres posted his Vlog about his date last Valentine's Day. It is shocking because she dated her "Ex-Husband" Jon Gutierrez (King Badger). The two of them are not alone because Jelai Andres brought her Chaperone with her. Their chaperon is a little lady.

When Jelai Andres fetched Jon Gutierrez at his house.

"Nasaan Nga pala Sina Mama tsaka si Papa?"- asked by Jon (Referring to the parents of Jelai). Jelai answered  "Mama mo? Papa mo? Galit sa iyo. Nasa Japan sila,"

When the two arrived at the restaurant, Jelai is teasing Jon. Because Jon is playing a mobile game at that time. Leaving a remark "Ano ba yan, Hindi ka marunong! Tira ka lang nang tira, Hindi ka nag-iisip!". Jelai didn't stop and keep on saying ""Kung sinu-sino na lang tinitira, o!"

Watch the Video Below:

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