"HOMELESS ARTIST" on Manila proves that poverty can't stop you from pursuing your passion

Tatay Edgardo proves that poverty can’t stop you from pursuing your passion.
Tatay Edgardo Lang lives and displays his works of art along the pavement of an abandoned building.
Just in time for this year’s National Arts Month celebration, images of a “homeless artist” are once again making rounds in social media.

In a viral Facebook post on Feb. 5 (2019), netizen Kel Navarro shared a photo of a “homeless artist” he called “Tatay Edgardo.” The artist, Edgardo Lang, as per Navarro, lives and displays his works of art along with abandoned building at M. H. Del Pilar corner Padre Faura Streets, Ermita, Manila.

In a viral Facebook post, Kel Navarro posted a picture of Tatay Edgardo with his artworks, on the facade of an old building located at M.H Del Pilar corner Padre Faura Street, Ermita, Manila.

“To my painter/visual artist friends or kahit hindi kayo artists or painters. Baka pwede tayong mag extend ng help or support para kay Tatay Edgardo.” -Kel Navarro

“He said that his ideas for some of the artworks come to him when his eyes are closed and sometimes he notices shapes and colors in his surroundings which inspire him to create new artwork. Kuya Edgardo has personified the idea that art can come from anywhere and that art can be anything,” Matthew shared.

“If anyone wants to help, buy his artworks and give support to Kuya Edgardo,” said Gan.

Three years ago, Tatay Edgardo used to be a parking attendant until he found some plywood scraps on the streets of Ermita. He then turned them into painting canvases. A foreigner then approached him and asked if he could buy his artwork. That’s the time when he decided to sell his paintings and make it as his source of income. His paintings cost around 100-300 pesos, depending on their sizes.

Tatay Edgardo picks up pieces of plywood scraps that he sees on the streets every day. Most of his artworks are about God and His angels. Tatay Edgardo is able to deliver a message about God’s unconditional love and guidance through his paintings.

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