Father who worked as a farmer can't afford school bag, makes one that made out of Raffa Strings!

The 5-year-old boy’s named Ny Keng. He studies in Lumphat Primary School and is currently in first grade. Sophous September, his teacher, told that Keng’s mom takes him to school every day.

According to Suon, her student told her that he just got back from Thailand where his father works. Keng also told her that it was his father who made the bag as he could not afford to buy him a new one.

Usually, a simple bag cost around 30000 riels ($7) in their area. And some parents are struggling to afford them.

His father who works as a farmer built him a bag an eco-friendly bag made of "Raffa Strings". It has a black strap to support his flap, so he can carry his bag easily.

Look how beautiful the bag it is! And it's very Eco-Friendly ♥

Ny Keng’s dad caught the attention of netizens who were touched by his love and effort to provide for his son’s education. They praised him for his resourcefulness and creativity.

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