Doctor Lost Her Wife Because Of COVID-19

Corona Virus (COVID-19) is widely known in our world. It's classified as a common cold disease to more severe disease that makes the infected one have respiratory failure. Last year, the outbreak in coronavirus started to occur. One of the doctors in Wuhan, China spilled how he lost her wife due to respiratory failure.

The doctor volunteer to have a duty in a hospital to help people in curing the said virus. December 2019, when a lot of patient goes to the hospital to admit or even to check if they are infected. Early 2020, the said doctor is busy finding what cure to stop virus when he's wife called him to say that she experiences a mild fever caused by cough. 

He ignores what he's wife saying to him, instead he said she should take her medicine and stay at home. The wife wants to hospitalize that day. A week earlier her wife recovered. January 2020, coronavirus widely spread huge of people runs to the hospital.

The doctor back for his duty, and on the first bed of the hospital he saw her wife, he collapsed by the shock he doesn't know what to do. He realized that he's wife lied for him to be able to serve in the hospital. Days passed by, his wife suffered so much, and on the 4th day, while he's checking others, the nurse runs off him crying saying he's wife is gone. After that, he becomes a scary doctor. Now the doctor keeps on researching for the cure to Covid-19 to take revenge on the virus.

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