Daniel Padilla Shows How to Deal with His Uncontrollable Fans!

Another video of Daniel Padilla (DJ) had been posted on Instagram (IG). The video shows how Daniel deals with his fans' uncontrollable habit. 

Daniel Padilla spoke in front of his fans to deal with the issue of having a photo with him. On the First video, Daniel is being chased by his fans and he runs at the back of the set to escape from them. 

We all know that DJ (Daniel Padilla) is very kind to everybody, especially on his fans. But it isn't their right to have a good rest, especially when they are sick.

Daniel's temper must be full that's why he had enough of the fans bragging about taking a photo with him. That's when Daniel stands in front of his fans handling a microphone and leaving with these words...

"Oh! Request ko lang eh picture, ano na nangyare? Ganito kahirap? Jusko mga kapatid. Nageexample tayo ng maigi. Pwede ba magpapicture nang maayos, please? Ako na nagrerequest ha?". - Daniel Padilla. 

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