Daiana Menezes has been battling breast cancer since 2018

The Brazilian actress-model has remained strong after learning she had Stage 2B breast cancer.
According to NationalBreastCancer.org, "Stage 2 means the breast cancer is growing, but it is still contained in the breast or growth has only extended to the nearby lymph nodes."

Stage 2B either means "the tumor is between two and five centimeters and has spread to less than four axillary lymph nodes or the tumor is larger than five centimeters but has not spread to any axillary lymph nodes."

Daiana said she was quite calm upon hearing the diagnosis.
The 32-year-old celebrity said, "I kinda prepared myself for the outcome as I binge-watched many films and documentaries about cancer."
She also says she was not shy about asking advice from people who could help her and says she prayed hard for the Lord to lead her to the doctor who could heal her.
"I had a lumpectomy. It wasn’t very stressful surgery. I remained positive and, no, it wasn’t painful until I woke up.
"I felt like my armpit area was missing something, and it was so painful because they had to remove some of my lymph nodes," Daiana said of the surgery that removed the cyst.

But Daiana doesn't believe the battle ends with getting better.
"I never felt better and I don’t call myself cured. I don’t rest on the word that I was cured because I went through it.
"Maybe you can call me a survivor, but I don’t live my life the same as before, and I thank cancer for it.
"I will never learn the essence of living if I didn’t experience being on the rock bottom of sickness, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

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