Billionaire Flew to Italy Just To Buy Ice-Cream

What would it feel like being a Billionaire nor being a Millionaire? What would you do? Would you spend all of your wealth to gambling? Would you spend it on your family's needs?

Well, in that case, a Nigerian Billionaire businessman (Femi Otedola) and his daughters recently traveled to Monaco for a family vacation. After visiting Monaco the Family went to Italy for an hour just to buy an Ice-cream. 

The Billionaire Businessman's daughter (DJ Cuppy) took to her social media pages to share a cute video of herself with her dad on the street of Italy as they revealed that they only visited for an hour to have some gelato. Well, a very large number of Nigerians are not used to this type of luxury as many prayed to God to bless them and punish poverty while others made jokes from the situation. 

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