A lady on a bus got harassed by the man beside her!

This Lady is on her way home when a man sitting beside her harassed her. 

Renata got harassed inside the bus in Pala-Pala, Cavite. The man beside her touched her upper private part.

Luckily, Renata is well aware that the man beside her had a sexual desire for her.  She was prepared. She got her phone and caught the man with the help of the video. 

The man insisted that he is just sleeping and not aware of what is he accused of. With the help of the other passengers, the man was reported in the nearest barangay hall. 

That's when the man repents on the crime that he committed. The man was apologizing for what he did.

Renata tweeted a warning for the ladies out there so that her experience would not happen to others.

Watch the Video Below: 

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