A Concerned Netizen Helped A kid Who Eats Cardboard Boxes

In this era, many children are neglected by their parents because they don't have enough money to support their children.

In this case, a Netizen caught a kid eating cardboard boxes on a street he passed by.  

Ienstein Hortal, a random citizen walking home saw a kid (JM) eating a cardboard box. Ienstein hesitates at first but his pity led him to approach and help the kid.

Ienstein asks the kid "Bakit yan ang kinakain mo?", The answer of the kid broke his heart. The kid answered, "Eto na kinakain ko sa isang buong linggo". And their Conversation went on as you can see on his post.

As the post of Ienstein went viral on Social Media, many netizens wanted to help the kid. Not just any help but they also wanted to bring the kid to a foster home and adopt him.

Eventually, Ienstein brought him to their house and give the kid (JM) food and shelter.

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